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We all age; we all get to die – the primary concern is: how much pain and disability will we have to endure on the way to our common end?

Do you want to stay YOUNG longer? The best time to ask how to do that is before we start to fall apart; the next best time is NOW! Some people are born with better genes and/or gene expression and just age well, but science shows that nutrition, sunlight, physical activity, sleep quality and thinking patterns powerfully affect our state of health and fitness. In addition, supplements abound today that can compensate for most of the functional decline that results from agingSenior explores and reports practical life-style patterns and strategies we can adopt to promote optimal health, longevity and vitality.

Today we know how to slow aging and delay the consequences of aging for decades, but to personally benefit we must learn about and practice strategies that work; that’s what we document on Senior Fitness – practical antiaging strategies that work!

7-Pillars of Senior Fitness





Thinking & Attitude

Rejuvenation Strategies


Learn how to slow and reverse Age-related Functional Decline. We bring you the latest strategies to optimize senior fitness and health into advanced age. The time to start is now; the place to start is here. The sooner you apply these Youth-Prolonging Strategies, the longer you will enjoy pain-free vitality, vigor and independence into advanced age.
We continually research the latest science to formulate practical strategies for optimizing the aging process; letting us live longer, healthier lives, free of disease and pain into advanced age. We think life is precious and far more enjoyable and productive when we are in good health. Yes we all get old and die, but our thinking is that Later is Better, and pain and disability are to be avoided.
Take the tour – How to best use our site; Find what you want to know faster. The Tour explains our content and shows how to navigate the site to answer your questions. Then act on the knowledge; you can improve your health and senior fitness at any age by using the strategies on these pages. You can also search our content using the search box at the top-right of most pages.

We recommend only products and suppliers we use; Life Extension Foundation is second to none for understanding the science of optimal aging and life-long health – My favorite supplier and info source. LEF funds research to discover the mechanisms of aging and means for slowing and eventually halting/curing aging. When they discover compounds that slow aging and extend healthy lifespan they formulate a product and bring it to market; they are the cutting edge of optimal aging technology and supplements.

Frank’s New Training Location

Frank’s New Training Location

Fitness 19 Simi Valley is no more! With the closure of Fitness19 Simi Valley, I'm moving my operation to Island Health and Fitness at 5750 E Los Angeles Ave., 93063. It's a less frenetic club than F19, fewer occupants and easier access to equipment. I plan to keep the...

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Drugs or Supplements???

Drugs or Supplements???

I personally am losing patience with the pace of release of products to fight or reverse aging. This is like swimming in molasses - really slow moving and expending tremendous energy (resources like money and more importantly time). The drawback for the Drug pathway...

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Here is a surprising (to me) outcome of a mouse gut biome study that increases longevity and lowers inflammation in aged mice. Surprising because the presence of gram-negative bacteria, which normally increase inflammation because they constantly shed their highly...

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