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Gardening can be your rest and recreation and your exercise as well

  My daughter, who publishes resides in Santa Monica CA, and recently with helicopters overhead signalling the unrest of massive protests against the indefensible injustice that caused the death of George Floyd, she felt strongly complicit of...

Gardening can be your rest and recreation and your exercise as well

Profoundly spiritual – rest, recovery and recreation for the soul, mind and body

Are you a person that finds meaning and rest in gardening? It is a hobby that you can take with you well into advanced age. There is a profoundly spiritual and meditative aspect to this growing of plants, and it is good for the soul to be close to the earth and to the fundamental process of growing nutritious food and surrounding your space with beauty. We thought it would be good to explore the benefits of gardening for health and fitness, from the standpoint of nutrition, as a way to rest and recover from life’s stress and to get your frequent dose of exercise.

I put this category up because my daughter Christy publishes a fabulous organic gardening website,which lays out how to do organic food gardening on either a large or small scale. She has published her first book on the topic, “Gardening For Geeks” which you can find here:

It is a cleverly written, highly informative, easily understood text that covers every aspect of getting your pots, planters or garden to produce luscious edibles.  For clients in the Los Angeles area she offers garden design and installation services, and has acquired a reputation for great designs.

If you sign up for her emails and podcasts, you will gain continuous flow of seasonally pertinent gardening wisdom. Check her out!

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