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Periodontal disease and other deep infections of the teeth and gums promote chronic arterial infections that lead to heart disease and other life-degrading maladies. Here are strategies to keep a healthy mouth.
Heart and Periodontal Disease Linked

Heart and Periodontal Disease Linked

A while back I wrote on what I was doing to avoid another coronary artery bypass operation. The strategies I used were not enough it seems. Two of my grafts closed off after 13 years and in February I wound up on the Cath-lab table. One graft was stented while the...

Don’t Let Your Mouth Affect Your Feet

Don’t Let Your Mouth Affect Your Feet

By P Piero D.D.S. Although many studies have been conducted on the relationship between periodontal disease and heart disease in general, few studies have been done specifically on Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) and how it relates to periodontal disease. The Mayo...

Dental Health – Poor health of teeth and gums leads to damage that may be killing you invisibly

The evidence continues to pile up in favor of the argument that periodontal disease and other deep infections of the teeth and gums promote chronic arterial infections that lead to heart disease and other life-degrading maladies. With close proximity to the blood supply to the brain, these infections are also implicated in the onset of Alzheimer’s and other inflammatory ailments of the brain.

We have been told for the last 50 years to use the popular tooth pastes as our first line of defense, but only recently have the major manufacturers begun to use Xylitol instead of plain sugar. They have been very slow to add ingredients that are effective in combating periodontitis and the bacteria that cause it. Companies like Tom’s of Maine  and other herbal-based companies have been way ahead of the majors. You will do  well to visit your local health food/vitamin shop for dental products.

#1 Strategy: have your teeth cleaned and scaled every three months starting now.

The bacterial environment of our mouths plays an important role in preventing tooth decay and gum infections. Awareness of this is decades old, and yet dentists today give it little regard. Mouthwashes traditionally have simply been antibacterial in nature. Now, just as we understand that our gut microflora are critical to immune function and overall health, products are being offered that have beneficial cultures found in healthy mouths. Three such strains are of the Streptococcus family; S. Oralis, S. Uberis and S. Rattus. The first product I have seen with a bacterial spectrum optimized for mouth health, claiming to prevent tooth and gum disease is FloraBright from Nutra-Health. I believe compounds such as this will be a powerful weapon against periodontal disease, and will drastically reduce incidence of heart and other circulatory diseases and many autoimmune diseases which are proving to stem from mouth infections.

Strategy: Look into and consider using probiotics designed specifically for dental/mouth care

This may put a lot of dentists out of business. As I said above, the first product I saw was FloraBright, but a quick search on Google led to many such products through discount, on-line sources such as Swanson Health Products – follow up! A mint a day may lead to a longer, healthier life.

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