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Senior Fitness Update

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Sleep Like Life Depended On It

How to best use this site:

Senior Fitness is all about ‘squaring out the curve’. Instead of a linear slide into infirmity in our seventies, starting at about 30 years of age, we focus on practical strategies that will let us regain health and fitness and stay in top shape into our eighties, nineties and beyond. These strategies fall into 6 categories which we call ‘The Six Pillars of Senior Fitness’. These six areas of activity, which all need to be understood, attended to and engaged in to achieve optimal aging are:.

AntiagingMechanisms of Aging; Slowing/ Reversing/ Delaying their Consequences

NutritionFood; Raw Material for Building Optimal Health

ExerciseFastest Way to Reverse Functional Losses Due to Aging

Supplements Practical Tools to Thwart the Impact of Aging

SleepTime for Mind & Body to Repair/Rebuild/Re-energize 

Thinking & AttitudeMental Strategies to Thrive While Aging

Each of the 6-Pillar Topics has a clickable image on the top slider and an icon mid-Page which takes you to a summary article that lays out the important factors and strategies to be embraced and practiced, followed by a collection of supporting articles. Some categories have one or more sub-categories, which should be read as well. The categories listed in this section comprise the most important factors in staying healthy, strong and independent into advanced age. Every strategy put forth on this site has been tried and proven within the Anti-aging/senior fitness community, and incorporated into my lifestyle with measurable success. I am your personal Lab Rat! If it works for me or those I trust, I pass it on to you the reader.

We start with Antiaging by explaining the known mechanisms of aging and present the basis for slowing the aging process or even reverse-aging in some cases. Then we tackle strategies for optimizing the aging process through Nutrition, Exercise, Supplements, Sleep, Recovery & Stress Management, and Thinking & Attitude.

We urge you to set your mind to optimizing health and fitness, not just getting by. Understand that each of these Categories has equal importance – slacking in any of these areas will produce inferior health and poorer fitness. You can also find all our categories/topics in the Subject Directory [Specific Health Concerns] in the right hand column of most pages.

The right hand column of most pages has a navigation menu where just below the 6-Pillar topics we have listed Special Concerns that Hamper Senior Living – things that typically start to degrade with age, for addressing any existing problems our readers may have; again, each category has a lead article that summarizes the issues and challenges, and means of ameliorating the problem, with support articles beneath.  For faster topic selection use the topic index in the right margin of most pages.

For any specific ailments you are dealing with, look it up in the Disease and Healing Protocols category – Life Extension Foundation’s comprehensive explanation of specific illnesses and their suggested protocols for dealing with them.

Check the Latest Word on Senior Fitness Section for the News Roundup category to keep current – we take many health newsletters, and this is where we put the latest news on technologies/strategies for health and anti-aging.

Consider using our affiliate links for buying supplements or information that we recommend – these are companies and products we have proven by our own use and use by our clients. You will see the banners of our favorites on the every page just below the topic content. You will also find recommendations sprinkled throughout our Categories and Subcategories for products we have found beneficial. Many of these suppliers we have affiliate relationships with and make commissions when you follow our recommendations. Rest assured we don’t recommend something unless we have found it effective. Finally, the ads that automatically load to these pages are not selected by us, but they pay the bills, so feel free to check them out – the more the better for us.

Frank Wilhelmi

Your Senior Fitness Coach

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