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Training at Fitness19 in Simi Valley

In December I was hired as a trainer at the new Fitness19 Gym in Simi Valley CA. If you’re tired of sliding down-hill toward infirmity, let me help you on a new path to strength and stamina with a renewed outlook on growing older with class and grace.
I guide you with exercise, diet and supplements to keep you in top shape for the rest of your years. I’m there 1-5 M,T & Th,F. Together, we can create your best life yet.
Come in, sign up, get on my schedule – a half-hour twice per week and we make all things new!

Frank Wilhelmi

Frank Wilhelmi

Frank Wilhelmi – Retired/consultant electronic engineer researches and reports practical strategies for optimizing health and fitness into advanced age. “I have a passion for living life to the fullest, and helping others to do the same.” A rapidly growing body of knowledge now enables us to extend our health and fitness decades beyond popular expectations.

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