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Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

Why is weight loss easy for some people and for others, it feels like pushing a golf ball up a hill with our nose? Many of us can start out with such good intentions, full of motivation and determination, but then lose our resolve, using any feeble excuse to justify throwing in the towel. We may have spent our early years neglecting our health, but as we reach our senior years, we are older and wiser and realize now is the time to take control. Hypnotherapy for weight loss can turn the second group into the first group and make it far less of a battle.

One of the most significant reasons why weight loss is so challenging for some of us is ‘mind set.’ If for instance we head out the door for our power walk, or aqua aerobics and we have a negative frame of mind about it, feeling that it is a chore to endure, then we are continually sending our subconscious the message that we are not serious about taking care of our health. Our conscious mind is an obedient servant, and will do whatever our subconscious mind programmes it to do. If we continually repeat the same story to ourselves over and over, then eventually we may lose all enthusiasm and end up sitting back on the couch. The good news is that re-programming our subconscious to a new and positive default setting is relatively easy with the help of hypnosis. Even if we have struggled with weight issues our whole lives, issues that may have started when we were children, there is a solution. With Hypnosis, we are convincing and negotiating with our subconscious mind that a new set of beliefs and habits are a more viable option, and will guarantee our survival, which ultimately is our inner minds’ main objective. Our subconscious believes that it is doing a good job by maintaining those old programmes, so in some cases change maybe met with resistance. However, with the right form of negotiation and persuasive communication, new habits and behaviours can be installed enabling us to pursue our goals unhindered and live healthier, happier lives.

Our subconscious is the true powerhouse when it comes to change. With all the conscious will in the world, if our subconscious is not on our side, then it will trip us up every time. The good thing is that Hypnotherapy for weight loss is quick and effective and often only takes a couple of sessions to see changes to eating patterns. Let’s face it, when we get to our senior years, the last thing we want to do is spend hours in therapy. With Hypnotherapy for weight loss the results can be felt quickly, and we are left to enjoy our lives, leisure time and family, feeling more vibrant and positive. It is never too late to create a more positive and health enhancing mind set that will ultimately contribute to our feelings of well-being. As the saying goes, “The better you feel, the better life gets, and the better life gets, the better you feel!”

Sandy Robson

Sandy Robson

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