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Lower Your Alcohol Intake to Lose Weight

If you’re serious about being healthy, getting in shape, dropping some extra body weight and adding lean muscle, then consider skipping alcohol entirely, as it doesn’t provide any value to a person who want’s to look and feel healthy
Alcohol has too many negative side-effects, and can totally outbalance any possible benefits it can have to any person. Alcohol is basically a toxin and can elevate a whole lot of physical problems. These can reduce your strength, energy, endurance, recovery from workouts, aerobic capacity, capability to utilize and burn fat and inhibit muscle growth

Alcohol will also have an impact on your nervous and neurological system. Continuous use can cause severe damage on your central nervous system. Alcohol won’t do any good to muscles, inflammation of the muscle cells is frequently seen among regular alcohol consumers. Alcohol can seriously inhibit muscle recovery after a hard workout, rendering the workout useless and making the recovery very slow

You will also experience a decrease in your endurance capacities when you consume alcohol. Alcohol leads to a release of insulin that will enhance the metabolism of glycogen, thus rendering fat loss more complicated.

Frank's Comments

Actually may studies have shown improved overall longevity for modest alcohol intake, meaning 1-2 drinks for men/day and 1/day for women. But, it is always better to to be of sober mind to handle life’s issues, and to be in charge of our faculties – there is always some risk in becoming addicted, which will take us down in a hurry. Personally, I would take wine over soft drinks any day.

Drinking too much can also hinder the absorption of food and nutrients, including important vitamins and minerals. The more you drink, the more you stress your liver, as it is trying to detoxify the alcohol, damaging and losing some of the liver cells in the process

It’s known that alcohol works also as a diuretic and big amounts can put plenty of excess strain on your kidneys. This can end up in increased water retention and anyone who trains for better weight loss or muscle gain does not want this to happen

So, a bottle of wine here or just a few beers there can’t do too much harm? In a nutshell alcohol possesses calories and a lot of calories, and they are empty calories, providing no value for the body. Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram. And on top of that alcohol drinkers energy levels, strength and endurance levels will fall, preventing the desire to work out, complicating the challenge of staying fit even more. Based on the analysis by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, there are an average of 149 calories in a 12-ounce beer, 80 calories in four ounces of red wine, 140 calories in a martini drink, and 60 calories in an ounce of vodka. If you consume six glasses of wine and two beers a week, you are taking in an extra 37,344 calories a year

Keep in mind that the amount of consumption has been proven to have a direct link to an individual’s body weight

Give consideration to using diet soda or juice in your mixed drinks to lower the empty caloric impact. If you’re going to drink beer, be sure that it is a light beer. These can be up to 100 calories less than a regular beer

Let’s hope there is some reason and help from this article for you and even if it just makes you think about drinking and keeping yourself healthy at the same time, it’s a move in the right direction

Diego Hendrix

Diego Hendrix

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