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FYI: This is not your average 80 YEAR-OLD!!

How do I manage this?

By using practical strategies to stay fit decades longer than most,

and I want to show you how.

Two weeks after my 80th birthday, I did my life-time heaviest leg press. 900 lbs of plates on a 100 lb sled: at a 45 degree angle, that’s 707 lb static force on the feet.

Great News – Technology exist TODAY that allows us to extend our YOUTH for 2-3 decades beyond expectation.

You’ve heard that 60 is the new 40 – well, practical strategies exist that can make that a reality for YOU and the ones you love starting now. Have you begun to feel the limitations of age? Take a brief inventory of things you loved to do that now seem unwise, threatening or maybe even painful. Would life be richer if you could reverse such limitations and put them off for a couple decades? We can now forestall most of the physical and mental changes of old age; with a few adjustments in lifestyle and thinking, we can gain an additional 15-30 years of youthful living.

I’ll show you how at Senior

Senior and Senior Fitness Update

Your #1 source for lifetime fitness information; vital strategies for promoting life-long health, strength, energy and independence.
I’m Frank Wilhelmi, a retired aerospace engineer, and since my thirties I have researched the science of aging, boiling complex technology down to practical strategies for extending youthful capabilities into advanced age. I’ve used myself as a lab rat to apply my findings, and I report the benefits at At 80, I have very few limitations to my activities and enjoyments, and I have overcome many of the aches, pains and disease states that come with aging and an active lifestyle by applying these strategies. Now I’m offering to be your Personal Senior Fitness Coach! And the price is right – FREE: it cost you only the time and energy to learn and apply practical strategies that are proven to add years to our youth-span. Life IS better without Mobility limits and Chronic Pain, and at we provide proven strategies, which when applied consistently, lead to Optimal Aging; getting the very best out of this life by staying strong, agile and disease-free. To set you on a path to greater Fitness, Health and Wellness, I’m excited to offer, totally FREE, my e-Book, “How Seniors Stay Fit: The Six Pillars of Senior Fitness.” In addition to my Free e-book, in the weeks to come I’ll be providing you with Senior Fitness Update, our biweekly newsletter to keep you current on the science of aging well, starting with a series of articles that flesh out the information that is generalized in the e-book, with additional strategies to stay healthy and fit throughout your senior years and help optimize your aging process.

Frank Wilhelmi

Your Senior Fitness Coach


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