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Strategies for staying Strong, Fit and Healthy into Advanced Age

At Senior Fitness.com I focus on practical strategies that will let us regain health and fitness and stay in top shape into our eighties, nineties and beyond.

Before you explore the site, I’d like you to understand that I work to boil down health science to formulate practical, actionable strategies that can be adopted as elements of life style, and I leave out much of the scientific, technical material many would regard as necessary proof of practice.

I report the understandings arrived at from studies and clinical practice, and expect those interested in researching on a deeper level to go to the source material on their own. It is relatively easy to find technical papers to back up what I discuss on the internet, if one wishes to dig deeper. Google Scholar is your best source.

The critically important strategies fall into 6 categories which I call ‘The Six Pillars of Senior Fitness’. These six areas of activity, which all need to be understood, attended to and engaged in to achieve optimal aging are:

AntiagingUnderstanding the biological mechanisms of aging, and slowing them down while delaying their consequences
NutritionThe Raw Material for Senior Health and Lifetime Fitness
ExerciseTo make up for the functional losses due to aging
SupplementsThe Raw Material for Senior Health and Lifetime Fitness
SleepTime for the body to repair and strengthen itself; the critical importance of sleep
AntiagingChanging behavior patterns to optimize health and fitness
By applying strategies formulated in these areas, garnered from a wide range of health sciences, one can prevent most of the disabling diseases of aging and stay strong, agile, pain-free and smart into advanced age.

I have written a comprehensive summary of the health-building strategies and the principles behind them in PDF form called “How Seniors Stay Fit: The Six Pillars of Senior Fitness”.
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Every strategy put forth on this site has been tried and proven within the Anti-aging/senior fitness community, and incorporated into my lifestyle with measurable success. While I function primarily as a reporter, I am also your personal Lab Rat! If it works for me or those I trust, I pass it on to you the reader.

I urge you to set your mind to optimizing health and fitness, not just getting by. Apply these practical, working strategies to help you build a strong, vibrant future and get the most out of your aging body.

To your health and greater fitness!

Your Senior Fitness Coach

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