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Corona Virus and IV Vitamin C

March 18, 2020

Reports from China are coming in about their protocol to prevent death in the elderly. This includes 24 gram/day Vitamin C give by IV over a 24 hr period. The details are missing beyond that, but this has been verified by several sources. See report by GreenMedInfo Here.  This article Has a number of references to past studies using IV Vitamin C to knock down the immune storm that follows many viral infections that proves to be the primary life-threatening risk. It will well worth reading the references linked at the end of the article for historical background. Some of these document the constant denial and resistance our medical community affords to this therapy over many decades. A more recent article by Richard Cheng, MD, PhD (3/18/2020) is here. Here is another recent paper on prospective use of IV Vitamin C for Covid-19 infection to avoid the fatal cytokine storm

My contribution to this discussion comes from dealing with cancer in my family, researching and using alternative therapies to prevent recurrence of cancer after chemotherapy. I found a clinic in Italy using a combination of Potassium Bicarbonate (PB) and crystalline Vitamin C (VC) along with Ribose to treat cancer with a high rate of success. I adopted their protocol, using 1/2 tsp of PB, 1/2 tsp of VC and 1/4 tsp of Ribose in 4 Oz of water, let it fizz and drink it down. We did this twice a day for about a year after chemo, while monitoring specific markers. Five years later this cancer has not returned, though statistically it had an 85% rate of recurrence. The inference was that this protocol actually killed cancer stem cells.

My primary finding related to ingesting large doses of vitamin C without getting the runs is this: Potassium bicarbonate buffers the vitamin C and increases its uptake into the bloodstream from the intestines. Typically the bowel-tolerance for vitamin C powder or crystals is about 10 grams/day. With a solution of potassium ascorbate, which is what we get by mixing the VC and the PB in water. we can get well above that without distress. So even if we can’t get a doctor to give you the IV, we can dose ourselves to the level needed to save our own lives. I upped my intake by boosting each dose to 1 tsp of VC and PB; I made it to 17.5 grams in a 24 hr period before gastric unrest and I suspect I would have fared better if I had stuck with 1/2 tsp level dosing twice as often. It might have helped to stop drinking coffee at the same time.

If our kidneys are functional, this intake of potassium should not be a problem. If kidney disease requires limiting potassium, then an IV of sodium ascorbate is required to get to these therapeutic levels.

Here is another current article on high dose vitamin c:

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Frank Wilhelmi

Frank Wilhelmi

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