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A New Beginning in a New Year, and Some Words About Synergy

January 17, 2007

It is the New Year! 2007! The possibilities are endless; one only needs to set goals and start taking action to accomplish them. As Tony Robbins says, “Personal power is the ability to take action”. The second part is to avoid “paralysis by analysis”. It doesn’t matter if you take the right action, because making a mistake only teaches you what to do next. It is far more important to create the habit of taking action, finding what doesn’t work, and taking the next step in a better direction.

I decided to take action, make the investment I had been pondering and become a partner in a company called Pacific Sports Health Management, which is developing a chain of medical delivery facilities called Synergy Performance Health & Fitness. Essentially, these are clinics with a gym in the center, with MDs, Chiropractors, Nutritionists, Physical Therapists, and Personal Trainers providing anti-aging, preventative and acute medicine, injury rehab, weight optimization and practical physical fitness instruction. Our motto is “Be You Again”. I was captured by the name ‘Synergy’, because that is the essence of health and fitness – no one thing is a magic bullet – health with fitness takes a Synergy of medical support, nutrition, exercise, supplements and lifestyle tuned specifically for the individual. It is a concept whose time has come.

In the coming months you will see more of Synergy on, and some of my articles in the Synergy Newsletter. We plan to carry much of the Synergy website information on this site. In the meantime, if you would like to receive Synergy’s newsletter, with the latest strategies for regaining your health, fitness and vitality and keeping it into your old age, click the link and sign up: This month’s issue deals with Muffin Top Syndrome (MTS), a clever term for the obesity plague currently seizing our population, and what you can do to avoid or eliminate the burden of mid-body fat.

Good Living – Frank

Frank Wilhelmi

Frank Wilhelmi

Frank Wilhelmi – Retired/consultant electronic engineer researches and reports practical strategies for optimizing health and fitness into advanced age. “I have a passion for living life to the fullest, and helping others to do the same.” A rapidly growing body of knowledge now enables us to extend our health and fitness decades beyond popular expectations.

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