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Which Fitness Strategy to Choose

January 29, 2014

If you have tried out or looked into getting a personal trainer you have probably calculated how expensive it is. If you think that a personal trainer may be too inconvenient or pricey then there are other options available. I will go over a few things you can try aside from personal training each having advantages over the other but all of them affordable. The first thing I will explain is the possibility of training yourself. This has slight disadvantages but it is certainly very affordable. The other I will discuss is using a workout DVD or plan of some sort that has already been constructed. This approach has some benefits but it also has a fair amount of drawbacks too. The last option for getting in shape is getting an online fitness trainer. This may be the best option for getting in shape available today and has very few drawbacks

Workout DVDs can possibly work for some people. In theory, if you use one of the many exercise DVDs on a regular basis than you may just burn enough calories to continue to lose weight. Based on what I have seen, a lot of the exercise routines on these videos seem intense enough to burn a significant number of calories if you really commit to them. I remember buying books and magazines with workout routines in them that were conceptually very similar to popular workout DVDs. The drawback to this kind of approach is that there is really zero customization. Customization makes workouts much more effective in terms of how quickly someone can lose weight and build muscle. With customization, you actually have much more room to continually progress. Once you get to the point where you reach the highest amount of intensity a workout DVD can offer, it may be very difficult to continue seeing results. A workout DVD can’t take into account your 1 repetition maximum for a particular exercise nor can it take into account your Vo2 max. These are things other methods can consider

Learning how to make your own workout schedule is something you can do as well. This may take some time but it makes fitness very affordable since you don’t have to pay anyone to help get you in shape. It also makes fitness very easy and convenient. Just as well it allows you to adjust your workout schedule to a changing schedule or changing fitness goals. The drawback to this method is that it can take months or years to learn how to design an effective workout routine. To use this method it would greatly help if you enjoy learning about health and fitness. If you feel that you are in a dyer position where you need to lose weight quickly this may not be the method for you. However, if you are already in decent shape and you aren’t in so much of a hurry to reach your ideal fitness goal than you may try this route

Getting an online fitness trainer is I think the best way of getting in shape in a hurry. This method combines the cost effectiveness of a workout DVD with the customization of personal training. Typically, the cost of an online fitness trainer for one week is less money than you would spend for one session of conventional personal training. You want to be curtain to get a good online fitness trainer though. Be sure to get one who is a certified personal trainer. This helps ensure you are getting one who isn’t instructing you based on fitness misconceptions. There are a lot of fitness misconception circulating and you would be surprised as to how many so called fitness experts believe them. Having an online fitness trainer is also much more convenient than having an actual personal trainer. With a personal trainer you would have to meet them at a precise time and he or she may not have flexible hours. If you are unable to make it to a workout then you would have to reschedule because the trainer has other clients. All things considered, in my opinion getting an online fitness trainer is the best option if you are in a hurry to get in shape

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George Jenkins

George Jenkins

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