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The Best Marine Supplements For Arthritis Relief

January 29, 2014

The inflammation of a joint, often a painful symptom, is called arthritis. And many people suffer from this condition which can make daily living very uncomfortable.

The challenging part about arthritis is when the inflammation sets in which can lead to swelling, stiffness and pain. And there are some people out there who experience all three at the same time.

People are diving into marine-based supplements for alternate arthritis relief. They are learning that the ocean holds so many medicinal properties and this includes treating inflammation.

It’s always recommended to find a marine-based supplement company backed with years of coupled with clinical studies.

Research has unveiled the best products from the ocean with superior anti-inflammatory effects and joint health improvements are

• Shark liver oil

• Krill Oil

• Wild Organic Fucoidan Seaweed

• Astaxanthi

All work as a synergy to vastly improve inflammatory conditions. For those unfamiliar with astaxanthin, it is an excellent antioxidant which is extracted from microalgae. The best is Hawaiian grown

Those who follow a daily marine-based supplement routine have seen less inflammation within three to four weeks.

As always, remember to consult with a healthcare professional about a new supplement regimen and right dosage amount

Generally, people notice their first signs of arthritis after 45 years of age. This is when their bodies start to experience fatigue. Sometimes, arthritis can rear its head earlier than that.

It’s important to understand that there are more than 100 types of arthritis diagnoses.

The most common types, though, are osteoarthritis, monoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and gout.

Because there are so many types of arthritis, symptoms can include one or more of the following:

• Pain

• Fatigue

• Fever

• Rash

• Swelling

• Stiffness

• Tendernes

Users of marine supplements have noticed a significant improvement with their arthritis symptoms making them feel more comfortable and energized.

Another interesting theory on arthritis pain is linked to toxins. When someone has a difficult time eliminating them, these toxins can travel to the joints, jumpstarting inflammation. Some doctors believe if patients treat the inflammation in their bowels, their overall arthritis discomfort will become better. And fish oils have a natural anti-inflammatory affect in the bowel area.

In many cases, arthritis can’t be prevented. It’s something that happens with age. But there are a handful of ways to lessen the risk or reduce the impact it has, such as

1. Diet and Nutrition – eating a healthy, balanced diet rich with vegetables, fruit, and lean protein is essential. Making bad food choices, such as junk food, will promote inflammation.

2. Exercise – regular exercise which is easy on the joints is preferable for bone health. Walking and pool swimming fall into this category.

3. Supplements – incorporating marine super-food supplements into a daily diet will nourish the body.

It really is time to take advantage of all the rich nutrients the ocean has to offer which can lead to less aches and pains.

Author, Thierry Lerond, is founder of Nutrilys Del Mar at Its sister company, the Nutrilys Group established its roots in France in 1986. Thierry has a wealth of knowledge from his experiences as an osteopathic health practitioner with the French Army. Over the years, his avant-garde techniques treated more than 800 elite soldiers in regiments such as paratroopers, mountain troops and combat underwater divers. His research and production of marine-based supplements is highly regarded while he tours the globe speaking at different engagements, such as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Thierry Lerond

Thierry Lerond

Thierry Lerons, founder of Nutriyls Del Mar, based in San Diego County, manufactures krill oil which has the distinguished Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) label for responsible harvesting. Its Wild Antarctic Krill Oil of 1,000 mg soft gels have vessels with marine fishermen who are MSC approved. And to date, this Nutrilys Del Mar product is the first and only krill oil certified traceable and sustainable by the MSC. They employ Norwegian vessels and fisherman dedicated to eco-friendly practices.

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