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Massive Muscles Made Easy

January 29, 2014

How To Grow Big Muscle

So you want to grow big muscles and who can blame you because once you have achieved your goal and achieved the body you are striving for just think of all the admiration and respect you are going to get for having the discipline and determination to reach your goal,not to mention the extra attention you are going to get from the opposite sex,so all the effort is going to be well worth it in the end

But it is not going to be easy and if any one tells you otherwise they are sadly mistaken because anything worth having or worth achieving is going to take some effort and work after all think about it if it was really that easy to grow large muscles we would all be walking around with massive shoulders,perfect pecs and a set of six pack abs to die for and it is for this reason that accepting this and setting off with the correct mental mindset is so important but gaining a great physique is achievable and has been done by countless people before you and I

The Correct Mindset For Growing Large Muscle

So what is the correct mindset that you will need to adopt to get the body of your dreams,well for a start realize that you are going to need an extraordinary amount of discipline and that mens not only with regard to disciplining yourself into getting yourself down the gym to lift those heavy weights and really push yourself harder than you thought you could but also being disciplined enough and having the self control to cut out and sacrifice those foods you love for the more healthy ones that you must eat to in order to feed your muscles the necessary protein for them to recuperate and grow and while we are talking about the subject of food in relation to muscle growth you should be aware that nutrition for body building is a science in itself and can be a very difficult and frustrating part of the muscle building jigsaw to understand

To help you not only gain the correct mindset but also keep it through the periods of self doubt and hard times that you are guaranteed to experience during your body building journey just as others have before you have and others will after you to it is essential to have a crystal clear vision as to why you are putting yourself through the struggles you are guaranteed to face.Setting realistic targets with good goal setting is a must and one of the things that can really help you with this is using creative visualization and actually seeing the body you will have in the future in your minds eye while you are pushing yourself in the gym or depriving yourself of that kebab and chips etc

Finally with regard to having the correct mindset you must realize that all good things that you achieve in your life are going to take time and that you are not going to turn into arnie schwartzeneeger over a night and depending on how hard you are prepared to push yourself along with your metabolism it may take a few months of hard work and self deprivation before you notice any changes at all.Another thing to mention is not to let yourself get into a negative state of mind and this can be easier said than done when all around you at the gym all you are noticing what seems like everyone else achieving their targets seemingly a lot faster than you are but realize they are not it just seems that way

Eating The Right Way To Grow Massive Muscle

As stated earlier nutrition is a complicated but non the less an essential subject to include when it comes to discussing building muscles and I can only very briefly cover it with very basic advice and recommendations here and I would advise you to look into muscle nutrition more deeply as it really is as I say an essential part of getting the body you are aiming for.First of all what sort of foods should you avoid to help with muscle growth and also help cut out the fat which is also important for good muscle definition. For a start do not eat fried foods baked foods obviously cakes and sweets and anything with saturated fats, if you cannot help yourself and must have certain bad foods I recommend you invest in a food steamer and while I’m on the subject of recommended items another great thing to have and one that I can not praise enough is a george foreman grill for low fat chicken meals which as you are probably aware is full of muscle building protein

Now just because you are not going to be eating these un healthy foods doesn’t mean that you should not be eating as much in fact you should be eating more of the healthy foods and on a more regular basis,what do I mean By this,well instead of only having three larger meals each day If you truly want to know how to grow big muscles then you should change your eating habits to having six smaller meals each day about the size of your clenched fist as this will stop you getting hungry between meals and also make it a lot easier for your body to burn unwanted fat and prevent it from storing fat in the unwanted areas. So what should you eat well you cannot go wrong with chicken breast,any type of fish,fresh fruit and nuts baked beans and of course any type of vegetables. All of the above food recommendations will give you the necessary protein that are essential for growing really big muscles that will turn heads

Okay now with regard to drinking,you will need to ideally cut out completely or seriously cut down on tea and coffee and all fizzy soft drinks as all of these will cause you to put on fat thus hindering your body building efforts.The best drink of course is water and you must at all times keep yourself well hydrated now if you find water boring as I do then why not flavor it with a bit of juice to make it more enjoyable,along with water protein shakes are an excellent way to increase your protein intake.

Exercises That Explode Muscle Growth

What muscle building weight training exercises can you do that will help you grow large muscles relatively fast,well there are countless exercises that you could do and certainly to many for me to go into any great deal of depth of explanation and example here in this article but here are some of the more popular and time effective categories of weight training exercises barbell exercises, dumbbell exercises, cable exercises, kettle bell exercises and for core strength exercises ball exercises.

It can be said that the most important part of growing big muscles is in the amount of weight you lift and to an extent that is correct however just as important is technique and repetition.To really gain the most amount of benefit out of your weight training and ensure that you are not wasting time and effort getting the correct technique when pushing weights is vitally important not just for muscle growth but to avoid injury and then best advice I can give you is to take your time when weight training and do not rush your weight training technique

Now on to repetitions there are a numerous opinions on how to work with repetitions during your weight training but one of the best I have come across is to start of with the largest number of reps with the lowest amount of weight then decrease the reps but gradually increase the weight you are pushing and then build back up to your original amount of reps so for example start of at 12 reps low weight then 6 reps increase weight then 8 reps increase weight then 10 reps increase weight and finally back to 12 repetitions at your highest weight if you follow this for all your different types exercises for each part of your body which will take you about an hour and a half at a decent pace then boy will you of had an amazing work out .

Finally and in conclusion another point which most people miss but must be covered in muscle building is that rest periods in between weight training are vitally important to ensure that after breaking down the muscle fibers during the the weight training session your muscles have the necessary time to repair themselves and to grow stronger and bigger after each exercises session for example have a days break from exercising your upper body and vice versa and alternate your training for different parts of your body.It should also be said that making sure that you get enough sleep is very important and this will differ from person to person but after exercising hard regularly you will find you will need a good nine hours to keep going strong

All that is left is for me to do is to wish you all the best in your muscle building endeavors and say that I genuinely hope this article has been of help and that it has helped you learn how to grow large muscles.

Matthew Munnell

Matthew Munnell

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