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Why Vitamin D Is So Important

January 29, 2014

Walk into any health food store or market and there are a broad range of vitamins sitting on the shelves. The most common vitamins people are familiar with and take on a regular basis are B, A, C, E, and K.

While many put their health and wellness on the forefront, with the best of intentions, they tend to disregard vitamin D. Many are under the impression that they can get a significant amount of vitamin D from sun’s ultraviolet rays. But that’s not the case.

While the sun does offer some vitamin D benefits, another great source is marine-based vitamin D supplements. The best vitamin D supplements are natural and not synthetic.

It is often said that vitamin D is essential to human life. An optimum amount of this vitamin has been proven to decrease disease. It also has a myriad of benefits such as:

• Bone strength

• Immune system

• Brain function

• Fetal development

• Neuromuscular functio

As mentioned before the best intake of vitamin D should be with a manufacturer who promotes a pure and natural source of this element.

A soft gel formula which comes from wild Alaskan sockeye salmon oil is really top of the line. A quality product makes certain that its natural ingredients remain whole, non-distilled and cold filtered so the body can easily absorb all the good that this vitamin has to offer. It’s the way nature intended.

Because this vitamin is retrieved from salmon, this little soft gel, also offers a boost of omega-3 fatty acids.

When purchasing vitamin D, find a quality product that does not contain the following ingredients:

• Artificial preservatives

• Colors

• Gluten

• Dairy

• Starch

• Yeast

• Wheat

• Soy

• Sugar

These above ingredients crush the strength of the product. Like mentioned before, organic is the way to go with supplements.

Other important points to highlight about vitamin D are its ability to help the intestines soak up chief nutrients like calcium and phosphorus. This absorption promotes healthy bones and a robust immune system

Its ability to offer stability with calcium levels also aids in future arthritis issues and helps ward off osteoporosis.

Other holistic health professionals and researchers have claimed that regular vitamin D intake has also shown improvements with

• Blood pressure

• Cardiovascular health

• Mood improvement

• Kidney function

• Fibromyalgia

• Muscle aches

• Respiratory infections

• Youthful ski

Before starting any new supplement regimen, it’s important to first check with a healthcare professional regarding the new addition and the right dosage amount

Another way to add vitamin D into a diet is also through food. Fish, of course, is at the top of the list followed by milk, eggs, fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin D offers so much for the body that it’s too important to ignore. Be sure to always include it in any personal health and wellness goal.

Author, Thierry Lerond is the founder of Nutrilys Del Mar, the leading provider of high quality, pure, potent and eco-friendly marine-based supplements. Its select products, including its superior Vitamin D3 supplements, have been clinically tested in French and Swiss clinics. For more information visit

Thierry Lerond

Thierry Lerond

Thierry Lerons, founder of Nutriyls Del Mar, based in San Diego County, manufactures krill oil which has the distinguished Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) label for responsible harvesting. Its Wild Antarctic Krill Oil of 1,000 mg soft gels have vessels with marine fishermen who are MSC approved. And to date, this Nutrilys Del Mar product is the first and only krill oil certified traceable and sustainable by the MSC. They employ Norwegian vessels and fisherman dedicated to eco-friendly practices.

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