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How Seaweed Supplements Boost Overall Health and Wellness

January 29, 2014

When it comes to improving health, many are looking to natural ways to restore their wellbeing. And one of these pathways is seaweed supplements. Ongoing research is showing that certain types of seaweed which contain “fucoidans” is providing lifelong longevity and warding off various diseases.

What spurred researchers to learn more about fucoidans was realizing how the western culture, who doesn’t consume seaweed, showed higher rates of illness, such as:

• Cancer

• Cardiovascular disease

• Metabolic syndrome

• Neurodegenerative diseases (i.e., Alzheimers and Parkinsons)

• Viral infection

Research also revealed arthritis relief and arthritis pain management from consuming daily seaweed supplements.

Before purchasing an anti-aging seaweed supplement, please do some research to find the right product. Be sure it has the following properties, such as:

• Fucoidans

• Organic

• Wild seaweed

• Harvested from unpolluted area

Nutrilys Del Mar based in San Diego, has created, WILD ORGANIC SEAWEED FUCORICH®. This wild seaweed called, wakame, grows in the purest ocean waters of Patagonia in Argentina and this is where Nutrilys Del Mar finds its fucoidan extracts.

Also, it’s critical to find a manufacturer, like Nutrilys, which only uses certified organic macroalgae and is hand-harvested with sustainability in mind

Many are surprised to learn that seaweed is not a plant, but rather, algae.

Researchers looked to the Japanese diet for answers primarily on the island of Okinawa. Their low calorie diet unfolded fruits, vegetables, fish, and seaweed. Researchers found the same type of diets in Korea and some parts of China.

The Asian cultures in the above locales show that seaweed is rooted deeply in its tradition; this showed a distinct difference between the Asian and Western diets. On average, the Japanese and like-minded dietary cultures consume about 4 to 6 grams of seaweed per day

This particular seaweed has curing, dietary, and medicinal properties. The missing link researchers found was the western diet did not consume fucoidan. This made them more susceptible to a lack of:

• Cell-to-cell communication

• Immune function

• Tissue regeneratio

Fucoidans, which have a long chain of molecules, take on an important role in the body for the above physiological mechanisms. It’s widely known that the Japanese culture has an impressive lifelong expectancy. They view food as medicin

Seaweed is a marine super food and a healthy food. The lack of fucoidans may shorten one’s life and increase the chance of disease.

For age longevity, seaweed supplements truly are the way to promote better health and wellness

For more information on marine-based supplements such as seaweed, visit

Thierry Lerond

Thierry Lerond

Thierry Lerons, founder of Nutriyls Del Mar, based in San Diego County, manufactures krill oil which has the distinguished Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) label for responsible harvesting. Its Wild Antarctic Krill Oil of 1,000 mg soft gels have vessels with marine fishermen who are MSC approved. And to date, this Nutrilys Del Mar product is the first and only krill oil certified traceable and sustainable by the MSC. They employ Norwegian vessels and fisherman dedicated to eco-friendly practices.

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