One Step at a Time

Having had to battle my weight most of my life I know how hard it is not only to maintain but lose weight. I have done a great deal of research and investigating why some people can eat all they want and not gain a lb and others, like us, hardly eat, and carry extra ones. Then we get older and women hit menopause and it really becomes harder for them than their male counterparts.

If you are serious in wanting a healthy life style and weight then there are a few things you need to do. There is no magic bullet but it need not be hard, no deprivation, just a change in mind set and you probably won’t look like Jennifer Aniston or George Clooney, but you can be healthy and feel good about yourself.

Our bodies know how to be slim and healthy, they were meant to be that way, God created us that way and for whatever reasons we have subconsciously told our body it needs to carry this additional weight and our system has adapted and changed our metabolism. It will take some time to get readjusted but that is o.k., it took a while to get like this. No matter what the Enquirer says you can not lose 25 lbs by next weekend.

1. Each day sit in the sun for 15 -20 min. In the morning when the sun is not so strong is a great time. You need to get sun on your face and without sun screen. You will not get cancer in 20 min. Man has been in the sun for millions of years, it is the life force of all living things, and we cannot do without it. We make Vitamin D from the sun light and new research has shown that it is not only vital for our bones but actually is a hormone which even affects your heart. The ultra-violet rays, that penetrate your skin and your blood vessels can kills microscopic bacterium in your blood, our ancestors did this for centuries. It also increases our feel good hormones, endorphins and fights depression. The lack of sun light is one reason why people get blue during the winter months. Our new life style of being in door for most of the day is literally killing us.

2. While you are in the sun, close your eyes and feel the healing power of the sun come into your body and feel it making you stronger and healthier. As you do this, as crazy as this sounds, thank your body and your subconscious mind for doing what it has been doing to take care of you and to protect you. This may sound odd but it has in fact been trying to protect you in its own way although the end result doesn’t look like it.

Ask your unconscious mind, which knows all, why you need to carry this extra weight, what purpose does it serve you. You may not get an immediate answer of course, but if you keep thanking you mind and body and sincerely want to know the knowledge will come to you; it will pop up in a picture, you will see something in a magazine, someone will say something to you and the bell will go off and you will say….that’s it….that has been it all along.

Keep telling your body that this has worked fine up until now but now we need to change the plan, it is o.k. to change the plan and we are now changing to plan “B” and that means we are going to work on being healthy.

Think about it this way, this actually happened to me. You come home to see your basement is flooding you can not stop the flooding until you know what the source is, right? Is it the washing machine, is there a broken pipe, is the toilet over flowing, or is it leaking through the walls?. You fixed all the pipes, and plunged the toilet and still have water on the floor because this was not the reason the basement flooded to begin with, the water was coming through the walls. This is what most of us do when we try and deal with out weight problem. We diet, we starve ourselves, we punish ourselves for being will less, weak, no accounts, when in fact the reason is the water we can not see coming in through the walls. Even if you don’t know all the reason you can do something about it though. Just do those two things for the next month. Be kind to yourself, don’t beat yourself up, do what you know to be healthy for yourself, just focus on doing what little changes you can to be healthier. Eat more fruit, say, get lots and lots of protein, take your lunch to work, not anything big, just be good to yourself.

All your health problems are inner related and think of it as a scene of knitting yarn that the cat got into. You have to untangle the knots but like the yarn once you get one knot out five yards may open up. Take care of one thing and five or six things are made easier.

Like I said before, there is no magic bullet, just steps and some changes in your life that need to be made, but nothing that is going to be depriving you.

By Donald Carroll



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