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Thinking and Attitude

Strategy: Take Charge of Your Thoughts, Feelings & Responses to the World Around; Learn How to Tune Your Brain to Better Serve You in Life!

We don’t get a user’s manual for the brain, we just assume that we are using it correctly as we grow up. As we mature, we become aware that some people seem to be running their brains better than others.

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Human beings are learning machines. From the very moment we are born till the day we die we constantly have to adapt to our experience of living in the world. And the cool thing is, the experience each of us have of living, varies from person to person. No two people...

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Critcal Thinking and Risk Taking

Critcal Thinking and Risk Taking

Much of what we see in newspapers, magazines and on TV regarding the sciences of nutrition, medicine and health is misleading or outright wrong. The amount of bad science foisted on the public is truly amazing. Sometimes it is the science itself that is badly done or...

Thinking and Attitude – One person’s junk is another’s treasure; it’s all a matter of perception. For example – Exercise can be an extremely pleasurable experience; you just have to get your brain to think so.

Many factors affect how our brains function. What we eat and drink, how we sleep, how we move, even the words and images we say or see in our imagination. The amazing thing about exercise is that it changes your brain chemistry. The human body was designed for activity; it thrives on motion and exertion, and it gets sick on being sedentary. Activity primes the brain for more action, habitual inactivity leads to atrophy of everything; mental and physical. Can we learn to favor activity? The answer is YES – there are methods to make rapid change in the way we think and, more importantly, the way we feel about anything.

Reality is personal; Reality is experienced through a brain-centered internal signal processing system that our genetics and experiences form over time. Everything we experience is really an interpretation of sensory inputs; the signals that bombard us through our eyes, skin, ears, nose and mouth, and millions of sensory neurons in our gut, lungs, muscles and joints. We make sense out of it as we can, and call it reality. When we remember something from the past or imagine something in the future, we use the same mental pathways to re-experience or pre-experience events or situations, and we assign emotion-rich meanings to those experiences as they are in our mind. Those meanings and emotions remain linked to memories and imaginings and color our behaviors and choices as we live in the present moment.

The critical thing to understand is that THOUGHT or THINKING is made up of the same stuff as our sensory inputs. In other words, thinking is a process of internally creating or re-creating the same words, sounds, images and feelings that we use to sense the world around us or within us. But the interpretation of those experiences is something we can change at will, if we know how.

We don’t get a user’s manual for the brain, we just assume that we are using it correctly as we grow up. As we mature, we become aware that some people seem to be running their brains better than others. We develop strategies and behaviors for responding to the world around us. And we can get locked into behaviors that sometimes are not serving us well at all.

Strategy – learn of and use known methods to change our thinking and attitudes to better serve us in life.

Do you have ways of dealing with the world that you would change if you could? Would you like to be excited about activities you now avoid, or motivated to change patterns of behavior that no longer serve your greater good?

The purpose of this category is to present tools available to change our thinking, our feelings and our attitudes to better serve us in life.

One such tool is Neuro-linguistic Programming or NLP; really a collection of tools to rapidly and permanently change the way our brain works, if we want such a change. At 45 yrs of age I used one of these patterns, called the Swish Pattern, to imagine my way out of a life-long nail biting habit. It took about 5 minutes to learn it and run it in my head. Two weeks later I suddenly realized I needed to trim my nails. The habit was simply gone, never to return!

Hypnosis is another way of making nearly instant changes in behaviors, thinking and the way activities and circumstances make you feel. We found the Hypnosis Network to be a great source of information and training for self hypnosis and hypnotherapy and have a link for their material.

Another breakthrough technology – the Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT – combines the use of the acupressure meridian points with verbal elements of NLP to effect remarkable emotional transformations and healing as well as rapid modification of thinking and behavior patterns.

These technologies for rapid and effective change are further explained in their respective subcategories Linked below:


Then – learn how to feed your brain to get the most out of it with –


For our brains to work optimally, certain nutrients are known to be important. Many of these nutrients have been found to be beneficial in amounts that exceed those normally found in diet, and especially nutrients that vary from local to local. For example, Lithium is abundant in water and foods grown in some areas of the world and totally unavailable in others. Adequate lithium makes brains work better. So a subset of supplements has developed know as Nootropics, the use of which leads better mental function and health.

Strategy: Learn what Your Brain needs to function Optimally, and then consume it, every day

In most cases, nootropic supplements (nootropics) are combinations of compounds, sometimes referred to as stacks, the function of which is specific to some aspect of brain/mental function. Combinations, for instance, that improve focus and concentration, or relaxation and quieting apprehension, or improving memory or improving sleep quality. The people who formulate these combinations are often those trained in non-western medicine, such as Ayurveda, or Traditional Chinese Medicine; traditions that have relied on herbs and foods for thousands of years, but in modern times have come to understand the specific chemicals these contain and how they impact brain functions. My conviction is that we should rely on these experts to provide combinations of nootropic elements to best address our particular goals rather than try to reinvent all that wisdom.

To that end, I have spent considerable time and energy evaluation suppliers of this class of products and suggest that readers look into for products to address their particular need. They provide a great variety of product forms; bulk, capsules, tablets, doses and sizes.

They provide plentiful information on uses, benefits and dosing, along with technical information and historical use. Their selection guides are organized by Use, by Type, by benefits; many ways to understand what to select and how to use it for best results depending on our specific needs. If you use my discount code SRFIT10 you get a 10% discount.

BIPRI chooses to supply stacks designed for specific outcomes as opposed to combinations of individual products/substances and this result in better economy and bang-for-the-buck in my mind.

Nootropics Depot

An alternate source to be added soon if they wish.

Finally, the most comprehensive catalog of supplements and their properties is to be found at More than you ever wanted to know about a supplement you will find at Kamal Patel’s fabulous and informative site.

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